Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a splendid New year for 2013!


MidnightPearl! :):):)


Monday, December 10, 2012

Siblings and Karma

well, here's my story:

I've been told to grow up and act my age, well, I'm almost 39yrs old next month, and I've been acting my age since I was born, so my flatmate is the only one who understands that playing my sims games helps deal with stress and verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse from each of my siblings, but not my mum, since my mum's diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma 4 months ago, I had to deal with my siblings stress aimed at me, and had to deal with my mum's cancer, as well as my own health problems on top of all this, and playing my sims games have help me overcome stress and abuse, so if my family continue the way it's going at the moment, then I'll continue to do what I love best, is play my sims games and spend the extra quailty time with my mum, and at the moment, my oldest brat sister hates the way I'm spending time with our mum, so therefore, I'll continue to do so, boohoo Karen, I'm going thru it, been going thru it for as long as I can remember.(damned if I don't, damned if I do)I seriously don't have a care for people who bully for the sheer fun, and since my mum's diagnosis 4months ago, I have endured alot of bulliness from all 4 siblings, and I've had enough of it.

The sheer fact that my bitch sister just can't stand the moment I'm spending with my mum, and yes karen if you ever read this, which one day You'll stumble upon and share this blog with delight(I really don't care), this is my blog, not yours, so one day when you read this, you can now know exactly how I really feel about ya!.

I will not spend one more penny on abusers and bullies, and who play mental games to make me fight back in sheer delight in their behalf, that's what I have encountered since my mum's diagnosis 4 months ago, my sister karen has gone behind my back and said whatever to the other siblings to make herself proud and in control of any situation of leadership, and others just follow, example, she's a puppetier and she's controlling the other siblings on the string, they are all puppets-which is so wrong indeed! and one day it's all going to shit, which is already, cos I agree with my mum, that the Verdino family has a curse, and when she(karen) treats me the way she does, something happens in the family, so whatever she dishes out to me, she gets back karma in return, and when I spoke to karen 2 nights ago, concerning about mum's temperature, she was so adamet to get an argument out of me at 9pm at night, what she was saying that I don't understand, so I reversed her words and said you don't understand, we said this several times until I said goodnight Karen, she said, oh, whatever, goodnight, and hung up, with a smile on my end of pure delight, if she(karen) can try and play mind games, then it's my turn to play mind games too, whatever she can do, I'll do back, see how she likes it back in her face!Bring it on Karen! LOL!!!!!!!

Cheers! MPearl! :) xo

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Life is grand!!

well, in order that my mum's been in hospital from a lashing of chemo side effects, Karma is so far up one's backside, fair dinkum! seriously, am I supposed to be a messenger girl for everyone???, I didn't know my brother Craig and kids were coming down this weekend, and so now I'm being blamed again, for not telling him that mum's in hospital?, so am I the only one in the family? geewizz, Karen could've told Craig, or even Mark or even Wayne, why should I have to tell Craig, when he treats me like trash, and then expects me to message him about mum-I think NOT!! seriously!!! awww, boohoo Craig!!! I looked up to him as a cool brother, a mentor, a protector, now I look up at him as an physcological abuser, because he's been lied to by Karen, now he doesn't believe me anymore, ok, Craig, whatever, believe a liar, but not believe who tells the truth, your problem then! I don't seriously care anymore! I'm gonna live my life the way I want to, and if ya don't like that, you can go stick it Craig!

Here's a true quote:

                            Learn from yesterday

                            Live for today

                            Hope for tomorrow

Well enough said! Cheers for now!

MPearl! :)

I feel sorry for my mum!

Well, the title says so, here's an example,

my mum's back in hospital, she had 2 falls, 1 fall , she was under my care, at her home, which surprisingly this was not my fault, this was my mum's fault really, she has a habit sleeping right on the edge of her bed, and so mum had a nap, whilst waiting for the RDNS nurse to come and take her bloods before her chemo-it's procedure, so when I eard a knock at the door, I came running to the door and went into mum's room, to wake her up, then I opened the dorr, and heard a loud thump, I went into check and mum had fallen out of bed and hit her head on the side drawers, so I quickly opened the front door to let the nurse in to help my mum up off the floor and onto the bed, so we both did that, sat her on the bed whilst the RDNS takes her blood, then whilst she's doing that, I immediately get some ice and a teatowel, wrap the ice in it, and put it directly onto her left side face/head, so the RDNS nurse left with mum's blood and that was that, so I got mum off the bed and walkied her slowly to the living room, on her couch, and applied the ice pack, stayed with her for an hour, then rang my (brat) sister at work, told her what happened, then I waited for my sister to come after work, that was 5:30pm, then left to go home to cook my dinner and left Karen in mum's care, now that night was the 22nd Nov, and it was Adriana's 17th bthday, and Karen was supposed to go out for dinner to celebrate, anyways, Karen left mum for 1hour, and in the space of 1 hour, mum had another fall, she got up from her couch to answer the phone in the kitchen, she tripped over the kitchen chair, and fell on her hands, and backside, lucky she didn't fall on her head, then the care alert button was pressed, not by mum, but the fall did that-on the floor, Karen got a ring tone, and checked her phone, immediately Karen knew it was her care alert button had been pressed, so she flew from her home in a car(not hers), to mum's place, and looked into the kitchen window, realised that the chair was turned on it's side, and when she got into the room, there's mum sitting upstraight in her chair, looking dreary-eyed, confused and slurrying her words, Karen then checked her temperature, and it was 34 degrees, immediately called for the ambo's, and the ambo's took her blood sugar level, it was 3.4, it's low, so they gave her glucose sugar in a tube-2 infact to boost her level's, she didn't like that, so she went into emergency and stayed there until 4pm the next day, got there at 10pm(22nd nov), and stayed in the resussitation unit, so she can be monitored by staff every second, her blood pressure was low, her heart rate was very low, her blood sugar level was low, she became disorientated and confused, and we all seem to think that her chemo medication is the cause, so Karen immediately rang me, so I caught a taxi into emergency and stayed until 3:45am on the 23rd Nov, caught a taxi home, went dutch with Karen, then slept until 12pm, went back into hospital to see mum, and there her blood pressure had risen to normal range, her heart rate back to normal, her blood sugar levels back to normal, then she went into the ward, and there she stayed until today, so now she's missed one dose of her chemo, now next Tuseday, her doctor will determine whether it's the Velcade drug isn't right for her or not, so she may be on another lot and not have Velcade.

my thoughts:

I honestly hope that of all the chemo mum has had, I hope this Velcade wasn't a waste of mum's time, I hope it has helped in some way, even though it's given mum a lashing of side effects, but when she has another CAT scan, hoping that this Velcade has done something to contribute killing the cancer cells, cos if it hasn't, then it would've been a waste of mum's time, lashing her about with side effects that mum doesn't want, and watching mum go thru this, is heartbreaking!

Thanks for reading!

Cheers! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Seasons is beautiful!

Seasons Ep is so beautiful, everything I have ever wanted in this game is in this Ep, I've never gone trick or treating at all in Real Life and now my simmies and I can experience this, and I've never seen snow in RL, so this is as close as to real snow, in my game, I haven't even scratched the surface yet with Seasons Ep, oh, I'm so loving it so much!!! Thanks EA!! :) It is however, slightly buggy, but not all games are perfect anyways, there are tons of games with glitches, games can't be perfect all the time, gotta have some laughs here and there! Now we need University and a proper vacations Ep and my wish is complete.

Happy Simming to all!

Cheers! MidnightPearl xoxo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Realism 2

the beauty of sims, we can escape the harsh reality and quite frankly I really don't want the sims to become too realistic, my sims games is an escape to realism, after I have a horrible day in Real Life, playing my sims games have eased my horrible day and turns it around to a pleasent one, that's why I love the Sims 3 game! :)

This abuse has NOW got to stop!!

in another bullying, bitchness fight against me, 5 days ago (8th Nov), I was supposedly to have stolen mums WILL and taken it down to Michael's Mum and Dad, now Michael is my flatmate, helping with me to pay the rent, cos the rent here in Australia, is very high), so I apparently supposedly taken Mum's WILL, to show Michael's Mum and Dad and Michael, well, you work this out, Michael's mum and Dad were at Moonta in South Australia, and it takes 8 hours to get there by car, and I supposedly would've taken Mum's will in the space of an hour before Karen comes over to see mum at 4pm, so if I took the WILL, then I would've still been travelling to Moonta to show this WILL, when in fact I didn't, the WILL, it was sitting on the kitchen bench between the phone and the kettle the entire time, so Karen twisted the situation so far up her arss, made it look like that I had stolen it, rang my brothers,then  I got a sms text of hatred back from them, and yet, if Karen open her fuckin eyes in the first place, and found the WILL in front of her, then I wouldn't've got the blame??, and then Karen found it where I left it, but, never got an apology back, then she (karen ) discussed with themselves that I can't be trusted staying at mum's place, so therefore my brother Wayne who works in the door industry, said, we'll just change mum's locks now, so Wendy can't come in as she pleases to help mum out, so that's what they did, so now I can't get into mum's place in an emergency purposes, so now, when I go over there to see my mum, I have to knock on the door and wait for mum to answer it, where the fuck does she get these idea's that I start these fights and arguments when she twists these scenario's so far-it's just beyond belief, now I've been labelled as Mentally incapable to look after my mum, and I abandoned mum, because I had gastro last weekend, thinking of other people, I left mum's place to attend my sickness, and yet I'm classified as a hopeless bitch that abandon's sick and helpless people-I mean, what the fuck????, so am I supposed to attend to mum's illness whilst vomiting and diaaroehing too??? so am I supposed to stay there and share my gastro back to mum???? gee whiz Karen, Karma is so far up your arss right now,and I hope it's a big fat one!

I looked at my supposedly fat arss in the mirror just today, where in the hell, my arsse is fat?, um, Karen you need your eyes tested seriously! LOL!

I have been psychological, emotionally and verbally abused since I was 14 yrs old, and it's still going, I'm now 38yrs old, there was a time in my teenagehood, that my brother wayne,mark and craig, physically abused me, that's when I involved the police, and mum pleaded for me to drop the charges, but on 1 condition, that I never get hit for any reason again, for anything, and my 3 brothers got a fair warning from the police not to hurt me in any way, so I dropped the charges, and to this day, I speak of now, they haven't even tried to hurt me physically, but they've just bullied me verbally and the verbal abuse has not stopped, but this time now I'm an adult and there are reprocussions of being an adult, if I fear that this will esculate into something else, then I won't hestitate to go to the police and have a restraining order for my 3 brothers and karen, they've all got too much to lose if they tread over the line with me, I'm waiting for this to happen, though I can still talk to the police about it anyways, on what I can do to stop this verbal abuse, it's stressing me out and mum of course, but she's too weak at the moment.
I've got the LOVE and MEMORIES, what does Karen have?? the jealousy that mum loves another Daughter, that's why Karen is the way she is towards me, and she's too proud and perfect to admit it-we'll let you live the perfect world Karen, cos ya think you're perfect, think again! only robots have no heart and no love for anyone, and no memories and no feelings and they live in a perfect world, well Karen you've just classified yourself as a robot

I play sims 3 to escape the abuse, Sims 3 makes me happy so much, that I wish I can just click my fingers and join my simmies household, there's no abuse there!

Seriously, all I can say is this, the more Karen.Mark,Wayne and Craig treat me this way, the more they are hurting just 2 people in their lives:
Mum and themselves! Not me! and ya know what?, I really don't care anymore, being blamed for things that doesn't involve me, and yet it's still gonna be my fault if SHIT HATH HIT THE FAN!!!, no matter what happens I still love my mum and she loves me and I love what i do during the day/night 7 days per week, no-one would dare take that from me, because:

I am a survivor, I pick myself up and walk again after been beaten down with verbal abuse, the more I get verbally abused, the more I become stronger in myself, to fight back! my motto is:

                        Bring it on Bitch!!!!

LOL! :)


MidnightPearl! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm happy and content!!

it doesn't matter what age we all are, just as long as we're happy and content, that's all it matters in this society, people who dwell on stress get nowhere in life, people who are happy and content move on in life and I have moved on and will continue to play my games as long as I shall live!!! xo :)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

On the lighter side of Life......

Seasons Ep is only 10 days away!! just 10(australian time that is!!!!)

OMG!!!!!!! Looking forward to it, sooooo excited, yayhoohoo!!!! Can't wait!!!

If only I can contain my excitement for a few more days, I'll be fine then!

I downloaded the latest patch from EA, which has the new diving board and a few other new patterns in the game added, as well as the ability to swim in any ocean now, so I tried this and I'm the only sim goes into the ocean, I suppose it's just a small taste that EA likes to give us to tease us more for wanting this Expansion pack even more, typical EA, kudo's to you!
The new attraction system is a bit scary indeed, A married female fairy sim got a compliment from a total stranger she just met, (I'd like to get to know you better), something like this quote, woah, that's scary stuff and way too direct I think!.

And the Blueprint mode is something extra, sometimes I don't even feel like building and this tool is so ideal to just plonk a house that you didn't build is just marvelous and brilliant thinking for lazy builders!!

The diving board should've been introduced from base game, not 3yrs later in Seasons Ep, seriously we had to wait for this 3yrs later for this??? sheesh!

MPearl! :)

When is the Bullying gonna Stop!!! Seriously!!

A Fair warning-Read at your own Risk again!

And the title says above, seriously, my brat sister is a witch from hell, and she's been lying to get kudo and brownie points, well done to her-bravo-clapping right now!!! NOT!!!, now, here's a story I'm about to tell:

My mum who has mulitple myloma(cancer of the bones), has been unwell for 1 month, and whilst seeing her in hospital to cheer her up, we talked about her electric bill and how she's worried that it may be too high, then she asked how much was mine, and since I told her mine's slightly over the limit because the electricity has risen, and I told her everything's fine, we'll(me and flatmate Michael) will manage, she asked are you sure?, yes, mum, we're fine, that's all that was discussed, nothing further. Now this conversation is true fact-2wks ago, she was still in hospital then, and now she's out and back home, this is the other conversation behind my back from my mum to my sister Karen:

Wendy's in trouble, and she needs money to pay for her electrical bill, so she came to ask me for the money in hospital, karen, I can't afford to give her that, Michael should be helping Wendy.

Where the fuck did in my conversation have I asked mum to pay for my bills? and now Craig(my 3rd brother) has now got involved in my fighting with Karen and has told me off for asking mum for money to pay my bill-WHAT THE????? now either Karen has twisted mum's words to make it sound like that I was asking for the money, or Karen is REALLY A BITCH!!! she wants me to argue with other family members so that she rubs her hands in delight and sits back and watches me suffer losing family members one by one, well BITCH! that ain't gonna happen, cos I'll just walk away and leave mum on your doorstep now, you deal with mum, not my problem, well, that means Karen you have to quit work to take care of mum full time-oh, boohoo!

I do believe in KARMA, and this time it's gonna be big in Karen's face! Looking forward to it!

Well if any of my family members want to be bitches-BRING IT ON! I'm not afraid of you anymore, you've been mean and bullies all my child/teenagehood, and now adulthood, so I'm getting stronger everyday to fight bullies like you-BITCHES!-BRING IT ON! Just remember there's repracussions of being an adult, just one hit to the face or body and brusies or fractures happen, I won't hesitate to have you charged for assult and will not drop the charges-think about it! Dickheads! Looking forward to having police involved! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

My mum's on her way to recovery!! and I get treated like trash!

A fair warning, please read AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I'm just venting my anger at this present moment! all my other posts won't have this rant!

Thankyou for understanding!

My mum's been in hospital now for 3 wks, and finally she's home from her ordeal, so I have been back and forth seeing mum at the hospital and spent countless hours attending to her needs at her home, and yet I still get treated like trash by my sister Karen and now I got treated like trash by my older brother Wayne, so both of them can Fuck off now, cos when was the last time they showered and dressed and helped mum with toilet duties?????-SQUAT!!! they can back off and allow me to help mum get back to be independant and over her cancer, the more negativity around her, the less likely mum won't get better, so if my sister can grow a fucking brain and learn to shutup and allow me to help mum, then things will run smoothly as planned. But the more she nitpicks at me like a bug that eats flesh, then mum stresses more therefore karen and myself fumes up into a physical fight like 2 wks ago in hospital it happened infront of the physiotherapist and mum of course. If this is what Karen wants, this will end up looking very bad, therefore I'll still get treated like trash again-oh, well what's F'n new!!!! What about my life???/ oh, yeah, who cares a fuckin'hoot about my life-according to Karen, it's ok to have a life for them, but what about me, no, we'll dump mum onto(wendy) and we'll have our own lives to live, so therefore I(wendy) stresses out more, lose weight because of STRESS, and the moment I become sick and can't look after mum, I get treated like trash AGAIN, saying I'm incabable of looking after mum, it's ok for all you to have a life, but what about me???? in her words(karen's), WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR LIFE WENDY, IT'S ALL ABOUT MUM!!!- well ya know what Karen, you're dead to me, so stop coming back to haunt me then! Bitch!! So i said today(27th Oct 2012) talking about husbands who do SQUAT, and she's married to a pig who can't be bothered to make a cup of tea for her, he's never cleaned or cooked,(sucked in bitch), and I turned around and said, I'm so glad my partner is house-trained, he knows how to cook and clean and look after me when I'm sick, what does your husband do???oh, yeah, SQUAT! and then she says, oh, he has a full time job, and I said SO??? my partner has a full time job and still does his own clothes washing and housework and food shopping, so what's to say your husband's excuse???-SQUAT and PATHETIC! I'm so so glad I'm having a two day break from mum's place this weekend, but next weekend, my other brother Craig is staying over mum's place to help his share and I'll have that weekend off again-yay! but come down to mum's to see them and mum, but not Karen or anyone else for that matter.

And another thing, how is it my fault for my mum's condition, Karen(bitch) sister blames me for mum's condition????? mum had osteoperosis for at least 5yrs now and fell over on her cox back bone last year and now has a enlarged aorta(which is being closely kept an eye on), and she had a heart attack in 2010 2weeks after my heart surgery, and she also tripped over and fell on her head and back this year(under Karen's care of course) and yet I still get blamed for her condition, her Myeloma bone cancer, how is it my fault for mum's condition, my sister needs to grow a fu'kin brain and learn how to use it, cos how does she get that it's my fault when it's not-she(karen) is loopy!!

Anything I do is never good enough, my mum appreciates what I done for her in the past 3 wks and has said thankyou numerous times, but I haven't heard a thankyou from anyone else yet, that is very rude and disrespectful, I'm there for mum and yet still get treated like trash, ok, that's fine by me, less money spent on them, more money spent on mum and myself, that's ok, but the moment if and when I win big in xlotto, they'll suck up my arss and become best friends with me-when this happens, they can go suck themsleves! I just feel sorry for my poor mum, she's in the middle of all this, between me, Karen and NOW Wayne, (rolling one's eyes)-whatever!!!



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

update on my mum's condition....

well, it's now October 16th 2012 and it's now been 2 and abit weeks since my mum was diagnosed with Myeloma(bone cancer), and she's still in hospital, and hasn't started her chemo yet, cos she caught an infection in her kidney's so the docs put her on antiobiotics, then today, ordered another lot of antiobiotics then start chemo after that, so we're looking at next week, she'll be in hospital and after 9 days of treatment, she can go home and start her chemo, but in the mean time the docs have ordered she's start getting out of bed and walking now, and sitting out of her bed to eat her meals instead of in bed, she still has a fracture in her lower back, that won't heal anytime soon, it takes 6-8wks to heal, but we(family0 on saturday (13th Oct) rallied together about mum's health, and we'll rally agin together on who does what, and when, and ask for professional help, so we(us) family members can have a break too, cos I can't do ALL that it is required cos then I go back into hospital for stress and burnt out energy. We'll have to talk about this very soon! In the mean time, I'm coming into hospital every 2nd day and seeing mum, talking to the docs and nurses and ring her on the phone on the days I don't physically see her.

It's just heart-breaking seeing my mum in hospital like this, and when I leave to go home, I feel guilty leaving her there, which I shouldn't cos she's in safe hands!

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you'll posted about my mum's condition soon! :)

Cheers! MidnightPearl!!!


Friday, October 05, 2012

Excitement for Seasons EP!!!!!!

Looking forward to the new Seasons Ep, everything about it excites me and I really want it so bad, but have to wait 41 days until it hits Australia and installing in my computer. What am I doing until the time passes?, fighting with my bitchy sister over my mum, well, that's to be expected between me and her, it's been going on for years, and NOW it's gonna get worse, so the only stress-relief remedy for me is to chill out playing Sims 3, so that's what I'm gonna do whilst waiting for Seasons EP!

The night before any EP is released, I get overally excited (as usual), then on the day of release, I go down to the shops(grocery Store), buy my supplies first then buy the game at EBgames, then come home, pack away my groceries, then install my game, whilst it's installing, then I make 2 sandwiches, a choccy milkshake and have some lollies beside me, and that's where I park my toosh until the wee hours of the morning(next Day), then sleep, oh, what a life of a sims 3 fan player!!!! :):):)

What am I looking forward to????EVERYTHING of course, swimming in the ocean, sunbathing, suntan, playing in the rain, puddles, umbrella's, and the list goes on!!

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon!

Happy Simming!



Friday, September 28, 2012

Where is my post?

I made a post on the Sims 3 forums it's called (it's not good news) and I can't find it, has EA deleted it???? I would've loved to gone back into my own post and at least said thankyou to those who prayed for my mum and given me well wishes, before EA deleted it, how rude are they?

I mean, I spend so much money gifting other simmers with my own money and gift myself, and how rude is EA to delete my post about my mum, they didn't even give me a chance to say thankyou, inconsiderate bastards, they take my money and in return they delete my post!!!

WHAT THE???????


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It not the news I wanted to hear right now!

My mum has stage 3 Myeloma Cancer of the bone, it's not good news right now, the doctors have said that they are 99.9% sure she has this disease and the survival rate is less than 5 yrs.

I think I just swollwed my tongue when I was told this by the doctors today, now I have to look after mum and make her comfortable during her treatment and may get some professional carers to help out too, I'm certainly not gonna stress on this one, cos myself, I'm still recovering from my ordeal of cancer and treaments and side effects from it, now my mum has to go thru this too. It's just not fair with life altogether, it's all abit of blur to mum, she's confused about it all, we'll have to wait for ALL the tests to come back, which is October(next month) 12th, to get ALL the results, and we'll take it slow from there, and hoping mum copes very well whilst on chemo and radiation thereapy, I know what my mum's like when it comes to big machines and medication. She's so stubborn, but I love love her all the same! She's my mum! and that's all that matters! I love you mum! xo

I'm gonna put my simming on hold for a while until my mum gets better, so until then adios and I'll catch up with ya later!

Thanks for reading my blog!




Monday, September 24, 2012


why would I want to play a realistic game, when I can step outside my door, for realism every minute of the day, the sims have helped me recover from major surgeries and have made me happy that it's not real. And I wasn't gonna buy SN anyways, but now that I've bought the game and given it a play or two, I generally think it's a fun game, though with minor glitches and bugs, but ALL games have minor glitches and bugs, how else are EA supposed to fix the bugs or glitches if there aren't any in the first place, that's why WE are the game testers-WE/Consumers play these games and WE test them for bugs and glitches, NOT them, WE do!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Do we have a curse in our family????

Ya know when it pours it rains, and when it rains', it pours, it's never a dull moment in my family at the moment with health issues. I just gotten over a major part of my life-cancer, and now my mum has high calcium in her bones, if the emergency staff at the hospital doesn't lower her calcium by Monday next week, there's a slight chance that one of her kidney's may fail or she may have blood cancer, either way, it's not good news at the moment, so I'm at the hospital for my mum as long as possible before I break down with stress, I'm supposed to be recovering, and it ain't gonna happen this weekend. Is there such a curse of so much bad health on our family?, I mean, Bradley, my nephew became ill just as he was only 2wks old, spent 2months in hospital, then I got diagnosed with cancer last November, my 16yr old neice has laryngitis, now my mum's in hospital for a serious blood disorder, what have we done to deserve such a curse? honestly, it's just never ending in our family!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm still waiting!!! and other stuff!

It's been a very long wait for games and I've just counted from the calender, it's 63 days until Sims 3 Seasons Ep comes, and I'm still waiting for RockStar to announce when Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out too, they haven't given fans the release date yet, come on!! guys, stop fart-arsing around and get on with announcing the release date!!!! it's killing us/we with anticipation!!!! ya giving us screenshots and video's to make us/we drool, c'mon guys, enough is enough, we want this game out now!!!!

and another rumour, The Sims 3 University!! woot, woot, if this is to become true, I is gonna be a happy little vegemite...I mean Midnightpearl's gonna be a happy little flowermite, if this is to be true!! I loved Sims 2 version of University, and I really hope EA makes this version better than Sims 2, since now we have the open world, this may or may not work for some or many computers, The Sims 3 open world has worked so far, with an exception of minor glitches and bugs, but not every game is 100% perfect, so therefore not every computer runs smooth 100% either, it's just mainly the person(human) doesn't know how to operate it!!! Lol! :)

Me, in general, I'm taking each day slowly for recovery, some days I have good days and some are generally bad, like today, for example, I had an attitude, like I don't care attitude, but possible tomorrow, I have an non attitude day, but in general my mood goes south if I haven't had much to sleep either, just like the moodlet in Sims 3, their moodlet shows that their attitude goes sounth if ya don't get them to bed soon, this was like me today at lunch time, so I needed to say bye to mum, and hello to pillow, so now I'm a little better than lunch time, with a medium full belly, I'm quite content but still sleepy.

Talk to all of ya soon!

Cheers! :)


Friday, September 07, 2012


Congratulations to MidnightPearl – one of the Oz contingent so over-represented within the Sims world (seriously, what is it about Australia and Sims 3? Is it the novelty of a world where none of the animals are poisonous, psychotic, or poisonous and psychotic?) and one of the genuinely nicest and most enthusiastic Simmers of the whole community – who has been battling illness after illness over the last few years (including a hole in the heart and cancer) but still kept up her Simming to all throughout her battles.

and thankyou for all your kind words, I very much appreciate it! Yes I have been on a fast moving rollercoaster ride, and FINALLY was able to get off it and start living again with my life! Seriously I don't know how I did this, I've got a wonderful support network with my family and friends and a wonderful network with my virtual friends all over the world, and with just 1 simmer that I speak to 2-3 times per week via emails, I'm very grateful to have a beautiful friendship with her, it's not just all about simming, it's all about everything else too!

hugs to TheMaresNest and hugs to my virtual friend whom, she knows who she is! I'm very grateful! thankyou! :)


MidnightPearl :):):)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to Party!!!!!

I'm very happy right now, I have wonderful news to share to my fellow simmers, I just got the news I've been waiting for, I am Cancer Free!! no more tumors, no cancer, no more radiation therapy, no more trips to the hospital for cancer treatment-NO MORE!!!!! I'm very happy and so are my family too, we've been on a rollercoaster from hell over 8months and I'm still in recovery though, taking each day slow at the moment to recover, time to celebrate, time to party!!! I also wish to thank my fellow simmers for all the prayers and wellwishes for me to get well, and been given gifts to perk me up with a smile of gratitude-thankyou, and also wish to say thankyou to EA and Sims 3, for making an awesome game to help me recover quickly from my cancer and my treatment, if this didn't exist, i have no idea what my recovery would've been like. And thankyou for the prayers for my little nephew Bradley, he's doing well now. It's now time to party!!!

Cheers!! MidnightPearl! :):) xoxo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts on Sims 4

Sims 4 can wait for me, I'll still play Sims 3 until I can afford another super computer and need loads more money to afford both, so Sims 3 is gonna be played for another 4yrs by me.
If Sims 4 had the (create a pattern) in the game like TS3 has got and more sliders, pimples and dimples etc, scars and scratches etc, and more animation of hair flow and wind flow thru the windows, abilty to open and close windows/curtains etc, ability to mow the lawn when the grass grows, option to recolour roofs, the animation and graphics needs to WOW me over to get Sims 4  when it's released, I highly doubt this will happen yet! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's a Boy!!!!

My sister-in-law Fiona gave birth to a bubbly bouncing baby boy named Bradley Scott. Congratualtions Fiona and Craig, a brother for Daniel and Emmy!!! I'm an Aunty 12 times:

Karen (my sis) has two children-Carmine and Adrianna
Wayne(brother 1) has 3 children-David, Andrew Michael
Mark(brother 2) has 3 children-Kylie, Danielle and Mark
Craig(brother 3) has 4 children-Jahden, Daniel, Emmy and now Bradley

8 Nephews and 4 Nieces=12

well, my family won't see me give birth any time soon or in the near future, I've had so much of medical crap, to turn me off being a parent, I mean, what if-say I give birth to a son or daughter, I'd be worried that my child was born with a hole in their heart, or tumors in the chest or heart, I'd be constent attending hospital appointments for my child, when I've already been through it as an adult, it'll be deja vu-no thanks!

I mean, being 38yrs old is the perfect time to become a parent, but to me, it's life-changing but it will have a huge impact on my financial status, and I wouldn't be giving birth for the sake of the $5000 grant from Centerlink(like some do)-sorry not interested at all. If I wanted to have children, then I should've had them when I was in my 20's, not now, with what I've been thru.

Anyways, enough talk about me, it's all about Bradley Scott coming into this world! Can't wait to hold you and give you a kiss. :)

Cheers for now!

Thanks for viewing and reading! :)


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sims 3 Seasons!!!

I've just dropped to the floor with excitement!!! FINALLY!!!! Sims 3 seasons has just been confirmed!! so excited!!!!! doing a little happy dance or shall we say the smustle!!


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sunday, July 01, 2012

What will Sims 4 look like?

what if??? the graphics would be larger than Sims 3, more realistic than ever before, it may come out late 2013 or early 2014, let's hope it's way more realistic, and hope most computers can handle the Sims 4 engine, it'll be advanced and hopefully the bugs and glitches will be smoothed out before the release date! , We can only hope!!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi there!

Hello, well, where should I start? brain freeze!!! well EA released Lucky Palms into the Store and of course i bought it, and made a lakehouse on the pier:

called Mini Mansion Lakehouse:

and here's a video of Lucky Palms and my Mini Mansion Lakehouse:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Total Brain Freeze!!!

Who in the right mind would dare to have frozen yoghurt in Winter? Us Aussies now are in Winter time and myself(who is crazy) to have frozen yoghurt in the middle of winter?? omg!!! I must be insane!! seriously, but the flavour of this frozen yoghurt is so yum!!! mixed berries, by the time I finish this tub, which probaby won't last long, then I have to rush out and get another one soon , so I had alot today which equalled into having a brain freeze, I think I ate too quickly cos the heater was melting it! LOL!.


Friday, June 15, 2012


if seasons were to come out instead of supernatural, I'd be very happy and I'd play my game more, but it's just not the case in EA's world of creativity. Since we got 2 SP's, what if Seasons EP came out at the same time as Supernatural EP?, that would make it reallly interesting!!, in the market/sales point of view! what game would make the most money out of if they released both Supernatural and Seasons EP?!
Think about it, are we gonna get 2 ep's or just 1 ep? We did however got 2 SP's, Katy Perry was a bonus pack, but still classified as a Stuff Pack??!! and Deisel comes out next month!??

The Next EP for EA is Supernatural!!

Give me a break!!!! What the F**k?

seasonal lovers get ignored yet again, i didn't like making magic in TS1, and didn't like werewolves/witches/zombies/vampires in TS2, why would I waste my money on Supernatural crap for TS3? not interested-therefore not buying it! The katy Perry SP was a waste of time and crap, so will supernatural will be crap too, so therefore more money from me goes to Rockstar and THQ games until EA makes a seasons ep!!
Case closed!

Monday, June 04, 2012

June is Here already!!

Time goes quick when you're having so much fun playing The Sims 3 and other games I've missed due to hospital visits for 6wks of your life, anyways, that's all done and dusted, now it's the waiting game, waiting to see if this radiation therapy has worked for me!, given it's now June, my next appointment with the Doctor is days away, it's kind of like ''how are you doing?'' appointment, then another 2 month break from the hospital, then go back in August-yep, August is the month to determine if it's a make or break month for me, multiple tests and my sister-in-law gives birth to her 3rd child, all in one month-August is going to be very busy for me!!!

I've set up a PS3 account, and hopefully I bump into Valzgr8 along the way, can't wait!! See and speak to you soon Valzgr8!!

It's now Winter here in Adelaide, SA and I'm not liking it at all-so I've got layers of clothing and I'm still cold!! what the??? It's gonna take me like forever to put the weight back on, I'm so skinny-due to that darn tumor!!!!!

well, anyways thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, until next time!

Cheers MidnightPearl! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's over!!!!

It's finally over!!!!!! my radiation therapy treatment is finally finished and now it's time for me to rest and relax and do things that please me, like play my Sims 3 game all day, not everyday, but I don't have to wait for transport to pick me up at certain times anymore, I don't have to wait in the waiting room for my turn, I don't have wear that stupid hospital gown(which made me came out in a rash on my very last day!!!!!!) arrrgggrrhh!, I can finally live again, I hope this treatment has worked, and I met so many wonderful people at the hospital, so sad I can't say goodbye to them, cos I just don't want to go back there anymore! I don't wanna see that place again! It was heartbreaking to see so many people worse than me, and I was just having precautionary treatment, not what others were having! I don't wanna see that again!

It's time to Live!!! Time to do the things I wanna do, and even though I'm supposed to rest for 3 months before I go back to have another CT Scan in August, I'm gonna become a volunteer somewhere that isn't a hospital or nursing home-well I just spent the last 7 weeks in and out of hospital for treatment, so I'm gonna volunteer somewhere else this time, so I can become busy and multitask, and spend more time with my mum too.

other idea's, I could spend the entire weekend asleep, but that's just a waste of time-really, or I could speak to alot of simmers on playstation 3 console-via ethernet, or go out and buy Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360-umm...yeah, that's more interesting than all the other idea's! Lol!

I've done many uploads during my treatment and after too, so I'll update them on here soon!

Thanks for reading!! Cheers for now!!

MidnightPearl! :) xo

Monday, April 30, 2012

16 days to go until the treatment ends!!!

As the title says! seriuosly, only 16 days to go until all finished! Where does the time go? it has gone so fast from the very first day until now-wow! I have patted myself on the back, for not giving up, and just sticking thru until the end. But my questions have NOT been answered until now, the doctors have said(we don't know, time will tell), and I thought not going back to the hospital after this treament would seriously end-NOT, I'm going back every 3 months and having multiple checkups, and this could take years-great, thanks for that-anyways, I'm going on hoilday for a well deserved break after this-can't wait! In the mean time, very much trying my hardest not to stress out!

Playing my sims games has helped alot-thankyou Sims 3!

I'll be back soon, cheers!

MidnightPearl! :) xo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Smashing idea!

hi all, since we have all our uploads filtered into catergories,in my page(studio) EA forgot to add a "featured" catergory as well, so I don't have to go through every item I uploaded from 2009-2012, to cull the ones that aren't good enough to download, or aren't featured, this makes it a whole lot easier for others to download the items already featured!
I honestly think it's a great idea to add, so it's much easier to find the featured items, and you don't have to flip through someone's entire studio to find things, it's very time consuming to flip through the entire studio just to find your featured uploads!
Cheers! MPearl :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things are starting to happen!

Yes, as the title says, my throat feels like it's on fire, yes it's the Radiation kicking in my throat and oesophagus, so I have to change my diet again and eat more high calorie foods and drink alot of milk to help food go down and help coat the throat with milk drinks and yoghurt smoothies, which I don't really mind much, I just wish I could eat tomatoes, but they're too acidic. I'm gonna try and NOT become tired and let this fatigue feeling and burning of my throat-get too me.

I will continue to play Sims 3 offline until I'm over this radiation therapy in May 2012. so they'll be tons of uploads until I'm absolutely ready and over this crap of Radiation Therapy-just as long as this doesn't ruin my life and that I have NO more problems after this finishes-until then..........

Cheers for now, and of course, you'll all see me again, on here and the Sims 3 site!

MidnightPearl xo :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Radiation and Me

Well, as most of you know I started my Radiation Therapy on the 2nd April, and on the very first day, my taste buds went from mormal to barbie doll plastic or cardboard, and I tried very hard to tell the doctors that, I'm having my first symptom-they didn't believe me, so now I write EVERYTHING down in my jotter notebook, and I'm still not believed by docs, so this week, starting 16th April, will be my third week, and am already having symptoms in my first and second week, I've already been back in hospital just 2 days ago, and still baffled is to why I'm feeling cold all over, and now the RDNS service, nurse-a complete stranger tells me why I'm cold all over, is becasue of the blood thinning tablet-warfarin and the clexane needle working to together to thin my blood, so no more blood clots to form, and the doctors at the hospital looks at me stupid, and a complete stranger-who I've never met in my entire life tells me what I'm going thru-she's an angel-thankyou, we both hugged emensly, now i can sleep at night!

I haven't played my sims 3 game in over a week now, I've been focusing on my health more than anything, I really do miss it...but.... my health comes first!

Talk to you soon!

Cheers! MPearl! :) xo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The days are getting quicker!!

Well, as the title says, it seems like the days ARE getting quicker, cos my Radiation Therapy is NOW 5 days away, and I'm not looking forward to it. And everyday this week, I'm super busy, I've double booked myself to get things done, like tomorrow(thursday-Aussie time), I'm busy helping my mum do her shopping, then I have to rush home and do washing and the rest of the housework, then see a friend and her 4 kids after 5pm-(triple booked) until 9pm. Then Friday the 30th March(aussie time), 2pm, have hospital appointment, talk with doctors before this radiation therapy starts(I have alot of questions), from 2pm-3pm, get dropped home by hospital drining service(have already been arranged), then do more washing at home, then have dinner, then go to a friend's place with her 4 kids until 10pm, then go home to sleep. Saturday 31st March, go to Comic-con-9am-6pm, get home-dinner, then sleep. Sunday 1st April, morning and most of the day until 4pm, get organised for hospital vstuff-radiation therapy stuff and possibly over night bag full of clothes etc, medications etc, then after 5pm-goto friends place with her 4 kids until 9pm, then bed-HOLY CRAP!!!!!! my life in the next 4 days is SO busy!!! yep....right! and my time to play sims 3 games are from now until sunday night before sleep! yeah, goodluck to me!!! I will post on the Sims 3 forums on sunday night(aussie Time), that I'll be having this radiation therapy. I do wanna play my sims 3 game to keep me occupied, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be super tired too. Anyways, I'll let you know soon.!

Cheers! Thanx for reading!

MidnightPearl! :) xo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Fate is in the hospital's hands!

I just learned today when my radiation therapy starts, and it is on the 2nd April 2012, it's less than 1 week away, as I said earlier on the Sims 3 Forums. I knew this would happen, my gut feelings have always been right from the very beginning, I now know I have to be strong minded to get me through this, and to keep POSITIVE, which I've been doing for 12 weeks since my surgery in Dec 2011!.

Meanwhile, I've made an appointment with a solicitor to get my WILL done, before radiation therapy starts, hopefully my WILL, be done before the 2nd April, cos if I don't get this done, then all my assets will not be shared equally amongst family-it'll be a massive family fued-and I don't want this to happen, cos it's already happened when my father died, he had no WILL, and it went to the State Trustee, so we had to fight the government to get what was rightfully ours, and the State Trustee are money-hungry poachers, who'll stop at nothing to get what isn't rightfully theirs, we-my family have already learned what they're really all about, from our mistake and our father's mistake-he should've done his WILL earlier, and not think about the heartaches that us kids had to go through to get what was righfully ours-I hate goverment poachers!

Meanwhile, I have alot to do, between now and 1st April, cos what I've been told by many people, that radiation therapy tires you out and your back gets heavily sore, cos there's NO comfort whilst lying on the glass table, so it's straight glass table and therefore I've lost alot of weight, so I can feel my back bones and spine, on the glass table and it aint comfy-I did this as a practice run and to measure up the permanent tattoed dots for the radiation machine already-I didn't want tattoo's on my body at all, now I've got two tatts, that are NOW gonna be permanent on my body-to remind me what I went thru-great!!!! I'm NOT looking forward to this, but I have to have this-JUST IN CASE, it(cancer) hasn't spread, and kill the remaninder of cancer cells in my chest.

You know, I really wish I could have 1 more week away from hospital appointments, so I can rest before this starts, it really feels like I'm in a wash cycle and I haven't stopped spinning! or to put it bluntly, I'm on a fast rollercoaster(12 weeks of healing of sternun bone), and now I'm jumping from a fast rollercoaster to a medium roller coaster for another 6weeks of hell-cos that's how long this radiation therapy gonna take-6 weeks of 5 days per week, and have the weekend off-whoopdedo!, I'm so NOT looking forward to this rollercoaster ride-everyday-5 days per week-for 6wks, from 11am-2pm

I really hope the hospital will GET THIS RIGHT!!!!!! NO MORE HOSPITAL MISTAKES!!!!!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!!!

I'm not over or done with fighting!, I've been fighting to keep out of hospitals for 25 yrs, and somehow, every year, I'm back in hospital for something, to me this is hopefully the LAST fight to stay out of RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital) this year, after radiation therapy, I want some PEACE and quiet, and no more ambulance trips to the hospital-it's just getting TOO much!

I honestly thought after getting the happy news after my heart surgery in 2010, that I can now have a happy and healthy life-I can go back to normal-wrong!!! once again, I'm back on another rollercoaster of hospital treaments and ambulance trips. With all of this, it's truthful and sad to say, that this year of 2012, was the year I'm supposed to die, and now that the tumor is out of me and having to go thru radiation therapy, hoping that the cancer cells haven't spread to other parts of the body-I hope that my predictions will not come true this time. I'm not ready to leave this earth yet, I'm a charuty worker and I want to go back to doing charity, helping others make their life easier. I struggled all my life, and I don't want to see others struggle, so I want to help as many people as much as possible-this is what I want to do, and after my hospital treatments, this is what I'll do!

And of course, play my fave game-The Sims 3-this game makes me sooo happy(besides of the glitches and bugs and crashes), I still love playing my sims games and of course I'm very much looking forward to playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on xbox 360-ooh, that reminds me too, I still haven't played Saints Row The Third yet-oooh I better get a move on playing that!!!

Well, that's all I can talk about for now, I'll blog some more soon, hopefully before the 1st April 2012-(if I don't forget)

Cheers for now! 

MidnightPearl! :):):) xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

speculations and hyper games from EA!

I honestly think that EA purposely wanted someone to stumble across this so they can work on a seasons ep, cos this is what the majority of simmers want is magic(supernatural), this may be the ep after seasons, so ep 8, and you never know that EA's sneaky plan is to get all of us simmers hyped up over something that may not happen next, and EA loves speculations and getting hyped up over things, but no-one's ever considered a thought on the next stuff pack?!
Or it may be something entirely different-who knows-we'll have to wait and see then!
I'm not playing EA's game of speculating or getting myself hyped up anymore, this is what EA wants you to do, and I'm not joining in this time, cos when Pets came out, my high hopes got crushed-never again!
Goodluck to all of you who wants to play EA's game of high hopes and specualtions! There's no need to get hyped up, on what if's etc, cos this is what EA wants you do, their laughing right now at you(hehe), assuming you all know that magic is next, but really it's a big joke on all of us, that it may be something entirely different. It's like a facepalm on us, not them!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unhappy News

Hi all, just wanna share some disturbing news about my health-I need to have Radiation therapy-starting in 3 weeks, cos i was told that I didn't need radiation therapy back in Dec 2011, now that the pathologist tested the malignant tumor, they've now said I need Radiation therapy to kill the rest of the cancer cells in my chest, to stop it from spreading, so my time of playing my sims during my therapy sessions will be limited, until after 6 weeks, the therapy will hopefully stop, and I can go back to normal life again, so between now and 3 weeks away, I'm gonna play my sims 3 game as much as possible! Thanks for understanding! Thanks for reading my post! xoxo :):)

Thursday, March 01, 2012