Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's a Boy!!!!

My sister-in-law Fiona gave birth to a bubbly bouncing baby boy named Bradley Scott. Congratualtions Fiona and Craig, a brother for Daniel and Emmy!!! I'm an Aunty 12 times:

Karen (my sis) has two children-Carmine and Adrianna
Wayne(brother 1) has 3 children-David, Andrew Michael
Mark(brother 2) has 3 children-Kylie, Danielle and Mark
Craig(brother 3) has 4 children-Jahden, Daniel, Emmy and now Bradley

8 Nephews and 4 Nieces=12

well, my family won't see me give birth any time soon or in the near future, I've had so much of medical crap, to turn me off being a parent, I mean, what if-say I give birth to a son or daughter, I'd be worried that my child was born with a hole in their heart, or tumors in the chest or heart, I'd be constent attending hospital appointments for my child, when I've already been through it as an adult, it'll be deja vu-no thanks!

I mean, being 38yrs old is the perfect time to become a parent, but to me, it's life-changing but it will have a huge impact on my financial status, and I wouldn't be giving birth for the sake of the $5000 grant from Centerlink(like some do)-sorry not interested at all. If I wanted to have children, then I should've had them when I was in my 20's, not now, with what I've been thru.

Anyways, enough talk about me, it's all about Bradley Scott coming into this world! Can't wait to hold you and give you a kiss. :)

Cheers for now!

Thanks for viewing and reading! :)