Saturday, June 16, 2012

Total Brain Freeze!!!

Who in the right mind would dare to have frozen yoghurt in Winter? Us Aussies now are in Winter time and myself(who is crazy) to have frozen yoghurt in the middle of winter?? omg!!! I must be insane!! seriously, but the flavour of this frozen yoghurt is so yum!!! mixed berries, by the time I finish this tub, which probaby won't last long, then I have to rush out and get another one soon , so I had alot today which equalled into having a brain freeze, I think I ate too quickly cos the heater was melting it! LOL!.


Friday, June 15, 2012


if seasons were to come out instead of supernatural, I'd be very happy and I'd play my game more, but it's just not the case in EA's world of creativity. Since we got 2 SP's, what if Seasons EP came out at the same time as Supernatural EP?, that would make it reallly interesting!!, in the market/sales point of view! what game would make the most money out of if they released both Supernatural and Seasons EP?!
Think about it, are we gonna get 2 ep's or just 1 ep? We did however got 2 SP's, Katy Perry was a bonus pack, but still classified as a Stuff Pack??!! and Deisel comes out next month!??

The Next EP for EA is Supernatural!!

Give me a break!!!! What the F**k?

seasonal lovers get ignored yet again, i didn't like making magic in TS1, and didn't like werewolves/witches/zombies/vampires in TS2, why would I waste my money on Supernatural crap for TS3? not interested-therefore not buying it! The katy Perry SP was a waste of time and crap, so will supernatural will be crap too, so therefore more money from me goes to Rockstar and THQ games until EA makes a seasons ep!!
Case closed!