Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Fate is in the hospital's hands!

I just learned today when my radiation therapy starts, and it is on the 2nd April 2012, it's less than 1 week away, as I said earlier on the Sims 3 Forums. I knew this would happen, my gut feelings have always been right from the very beginning, I now know I have to be strong minded to get me through this, and to keep POSITIVE, which I've been doing for 12 weeks since my surgery in Dec 2011!.

Meanwhile, I've made an appointment with a solicitor to get my WILL done, before radiation therapy starts, hopefully my WILL, be done before the 2nd April, cos if I don't get this done, then all my assets will not be shared equally amongst family-it'll be a massive family fued-and I don't want this to happen, cos it's already happened when my father died, he had no WILL, and it went to the State Trustee, so we had to fight the government to get what was rightfully ours, and the State Trustee are money-hungry poachers, who'll stop at nothing to get what isn't rightfully theirs, we-my family have already learned what they're really all about, from our mistake and our father's mistake-he should've done his WILL earlier, and not think about the heartaches that us kids had to go through to get what was righfully ours-I hate goverment poachers!

Meanwhile, I have alot to do, between now and 1st April, cos what I've been told by many people, that radiation therapy tires you out and your back gets heavily sore, cos there's NO comfort whilst lying on the glass table, so it's straight glass table and therefore I've lost alot of weight, so I can feel my back bones and spine, on the glass table and it aint comfy-I did this as a practice run and to measure up the permanent tattoed dots for the radiation machine already-I didn't want tattoo's on my body at all, now I've got two tatts, that are NOW gonna be permanent on my body-to remind me what I went thru-great!!!! I'm NOT looking forward to this, but I have to have this-JUST IN CASE, it(cancer) hasn't spread, and kill the remaninder of cancer cells in my chest.

You know, I really wish I could have 1 more week away from hospital appointments, so I can rest before this starts, it really feels like I'm in a wash cycle and I haven't stopped spinning! or to put it bluntly, I'm on a fast rollercoaster(12 weeks of healing of sternun bone), and now I'm jumping from a fast rollercoaster to a medium roller coaster for another 6weeks of hell-cos that's how long this radiation therapy gonna take-6 weeks of 5 days per week, and have the weekend off-whoopdedo!, I'm so NOT looking forward to this rollercoaster ride-everyday-5 days per week-for 6wks, from 11am-2pm

I really hope the hospital will GET THIS RIGHT!!!!!! NO MORE HOSPITAL MISTAKES!!!!!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!!!

I'm not over or done with fighting!, I've been fighting to keep out of hospitals for 25 yrs, and somehow, every year, I'm back in hospital for something, to me this is hopefully the LAST fight to stay out of RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital) this year, after radiation therapy, I want some PEACE and quiet, and no more ambulance trips to the hospital-it's just getting TOO much!

I honestly thought after getting the happy news after my heart surgery in 2010, that I can now have a happy and healthy life-I can go back to normal-wrong!!! once again, I'm back on another rollercoaster of hospital treaments and ambulance trips. With all of this, it's truthful and sad to say, that this year of 2012, was the year I'm supposed to die, and now that the tumor is out of me and having to go thru radiation therapy, hoping that the cancer cells haven't spread to other parts of the body-I hope that my predictions will not come true this time. I'm not ready to leave this earth yet, I'm a charuty worker and I want to go back to doing charity, helping others make their life easier. I struggled all my life, and I don't want to see others struggle, so I want to help as many people as much as possible-this is what I want to do, and after my hospital treatments, this is what I'll do!

And of course, play my fave game-The Sims 3-this game makes me sooo happy(besides of the glitches and bugs and crashes), I still love playing my sims games and of course I'm very much looking forward to playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on xbox 360-ooh, that reminds me too, I still haven't played Saints Row The Third yet-oooh I better get a move on playing that!!!

Well, that's all I can talk about for now, I'll blog some more soon, hopefully before the 1st April 2012-(if I don't forget)

Cheers for now! 

MidnightPearl! :):):) xo