Friday, September 28, 2012

Where is my post?

I made a post on the Sims 3 forums it's called (it's not good news) and I can't find it, has EA deleted it???? I would've loved to gone back into my own post and at least said thankyou to those who prayed for my mum and given me well wishes, before EA deleted it, how rude are they?

I mean, I spend so much money gifting other simmers with my own money and gift myself, and how rude is EA to delete my post about my mum, they didn't even give me a chance to say thankyou, inconsiderate bastards, they take my money and in return they delete my post!!!

WHAT THE???????


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It not the news I wanted to hear right now!

My mum has stage 3 Myeloma Cancer of the bone, it's not good news right now, the doctors have said that they are 99.9% sure she has this disease and the survival rate is less than 5 yrs.

I think I just swollwed my tongue when I was told this by the doctors today, now I have to look after mum and make her comfortable during her treatment and may get some professional carers to help out too, I'm certainly not gonna stress on this one, cos myself, I'm still recovering from my ordeal of cancer and treaments and side effects from it, now my mum has to go thru this too. It's just not fair with life altogether, it's all abit of blur to mum, she's confused about it all, we'll have to wait for ALL the tests to come back, which is October(next month) 12th, to get ALL the results, and we'll take it slow from there, and hoping mum copes very well whilst on chemo and radiation thereapy, I know what my mum's like when it comes to big machines and medication. She's so stubborn, but I love love her all the same! She's my mum! and that's all that matters! I love you mum! xo

I'm gonna put my simming on hold for a while until my mum gets better, so until then adios and I'll catch up with ya later!

Thanks for reading my blog!




Monday, September 24, 2012


why would I want to play a realistic game, when I can step outside my door, for realism every minute of the day, the sims have helped me recover from major surgeries and have made me happy that it's not real. And I wasn't gonna buy SN anyways, but now that I've bought the game and given it a play or two, I generally think it's a fun game, though with minor glitches and bugs, but ALL games have minor glitches and bugs, how else are EA supposed to fix the bugs or glitches if there aren't any in the first place, that's why WE are the game testers-WE/Consumers play these games and WE test them for bugs and glitches, NOT them, WE do!