Monday, December 10, 2012

Siblings and Karma

well, here's my story:

I've been told to grow up and act my age, well, I'm almost 39yrs old next month, and I've been acting my age since I was born, so my flatmate is the only one who understands that playing my sims games helps deal with stress and verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse from each of my siblings, but not my mum, since my mum's diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma 4 months ago, I had to deal with my siblings stress aimed at me, and had to deal with my mum's cancer, as well as my own health problems on top of all this, and playing my sims games have help me overcome stress and abuse, so if my family continue the way it's going at the moment, then I'll continue to do what I love best, is play my sims games and spend the extra quailty time with my mum, and at the moment, my oldest brat sister hates the way I'm spending time with our mum, so therefore, I'll continue to do so, boohoo Karen, I'm going thru it, been going thru it for as long as I can remember.(damned if I don't, damned if I do)I seriously don't have a care for people who bully for the sheer fun, and since my mum's diagnosis 4months ago, I have endured alot of bulliness from all 4 siblings, and I've had enough of it.

The sheer fact that my bitch sister just can't stand the moment I'm spending with my mum, and yes karen if you ever read this, which one day You'll stumble upon and share this blog with delight(I really don't care), this is my blog, not yours, so one day when you read this, you can now know exactly how I really feel about ya!.

I will not spend one more penny on abusers and bullies, and who play mental games to make me fight back in sheer delight in their behalf, that's what I have encountered since my mum's diagnosis 4 months ago, my sister karen has gone behind my back and said whatever to the other siblings to make herself proud and in control of any situation of leadership, and others just follow, example, she's a puppetier and she's controlling the other siblings on the string, they are all puppets-which is so wrong indeed! and one day it's all going to shit, which is already, cos I agree with my mum, that the Verdino family has a curse, and when she(karen) treats me the way she does, something happens in the family, so whatever she dishes out to me, she gets back karma in return, and when I spoke to karen 2 nights ago, concerning about mum's temperature, she was so adamet to get an argument out of me at 9pm at night, what she was saying that I don't understand, so I reversed her words and said you don't understand, we said this several times until I said goodnight Karen, she said, oh, whatever, goodnight, and hung up, with a smile on my end of pure delight, if she(karen) can try and play mind games, then it's my turn to play mind games too, whatever she can do, I'll do back, see how she likes it back in her face!Bring it on Karen! LOL!!!!!!!

Cheers! MPearl! :) xo