Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to Party!!!!!

I'm very happy right now, I have wonderful news to share to my fellow simmers, I just got the news I've been waiting for, I am Cancer Free!! no more tumors, no cancer, no more radiation therapy, no more trips to the hospital for cancer treatment-NO MORE!!!!! I'm very happy and so are my family too, we've been on a rollercoaster from hell over 8months and I'm still in recovery though, taking each day slow at the moment to recover, time to celebrate, time to party!!! I also wish to thank my fellow simmers for all the prayers and wellwishes for me to get well, and been given gifts to perk me up with a smile of gratitude-thankyou, and also wish to say thankyou to EA and Sims 3, for making an awesome game to help me recover quickly from my cancer and my treatment, if this didn't exist, i have no idea what my recovery would've been like. And thankyou for the prayers for my little nephew Bradley, he's doing well now. It's now time to party!!!

Cheers!! MidnightPearl! :):) xoxo