Thursday, April 04, 2013

I'm sick and tired of being treated like shit, enough is enough!

My appologies for not writing in this blog for so long now, i have been busy looking after my mum as well as looking after my health too, i have little time to play Sims 3 as i am so exhausted and tired, I sleep most of the days that I'm not looking after my mum, cos no one else in my family is helping me look after mum, thanks my siblings, you go on ahead and have a wonderful life, while I'm stuck looking after mum-selfish bastards they are!, My 3 oldest brothers are Craig-who'd rather procreate than to look after mum, then there's Wayne-who'd rather pork his girlfriend all day long and make money from his job, then there's Mark-who'd rather fry his brains in dope, then there's karen-well what can I say about her-A troll, a bitch, all the above, pretends to like me to make mum happy, but when not around mum, she's an outright turd towards me, that's okay, you're dead to me anyways, I only care for 3 people in this world, and they are my mum and me, and a very special someone in my life, but everyone else who doesn't care for me, can go F**k themselves-seriously! I've had enough of being treated like dog shit by my siblings, now that I already know that mum's cancer isn't curable but it's treatable, but terminal, I may sound mean, but you have NO idea what I've been thru since my mum's diagnosis last October 2012, so,I really don't care what you think of me, that's ok, but once my mum passes away, I will walk away from my siblings, they do not exist after mum goes to heaven-so to speak, the amount of crap, of hatred towards me by my siblings are unforgivable and unforgettable, so therefore i must walk away in order to have a stress free quality of life for myself. If this continues, I'm sure as hell, my hair will turn grey before I turn 40, if my siblings keep going the way it is at the moment.

It's going to happen again, a huge fight is brewing, and yet again, I'm going to get blamed for something I didn't do, but that's ok, cos Karma is right up their backsides, each time they(sblings) treat me like dirt, Karma gives them back twice as hard-boohoo to them, but huge smiles from me! Lol! Suckers!

MidnightPearl! :)