Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm still waiting!!! and other stuff!

It's been a very long wait for games and I've just counted from the calender, it's 63 days until Sims 3 Seasons Ep comes, and I'm still waiting for RockStar to announce when Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out too, they haven't given fans the release date yet, come on!! guys, stop fart-arsing around and get on with announcing the release date!!!! it's killing us/we with anticipation!!!! ya giving us screenshots and video's to make us/we drool, c'mon guys, enough is enough, we want this game out now!!!!

and another rumour, The Sims 3 University!! woot, woot, if this is to become true, I is gonna be a happy little vegemite...I mean Midnightpearl's gonna be a happy little flowermite, if this is to be true!! I loved Sims 2 version of University, and I really hope EA makes this version better than Sims 2, since now we have the open world, this may or may not work for some or many computers, The Sims 3 open world has worked so far, with an exception of minor glitches and bugs, but not every game is 100% perfect, so therefore not every computer runs smooth 100% either, it's just mainly the person(human) doesn't know how to operate it!!! Lol! :)

Me, in general, I'm taking each day slowly for recovery, some days I have good days and some are generally bad, like today, for example, I had an attitude, like I don't care attitude, but possible tomorrow, I have an non attitude day, but in general my mood goes south if I haven't had much to sleep either, just like the moodlet in Sims 3, their moodlet shows that their attitude goes sounth if ya don't get them to bed soon, this was like me today at lunch time, so I needed to say bye to mum, and hello to pillow, so now I'm a little better than lunch time, with a medium full belly, I'm quite content but still sleepy.

Talk to all of ya soon!

Cheers! :)