Saturday, December 01, 2012

Life is grand!!

well, in order that my mum's been in hospital from a lashing of chemo side effects, Karma is so far up one's backside, fair dinkum! seriously, am I supposed to be a messenger girl for everyone???, I didn't know my brother Craig and kids were coming down this weekend, and so now I'm being blamed again, for not telling him that mum's in hospital?, so am I the only one in the family? geewizz, Karen could've told Craig, or even Mark or even Wayne, why should I have to tell Craig, when he treats me like trash, and then expects me to message him about mum-I think NOT!! seriously!!! awww, boohoo Craig!!! I looked up to him as a cool brother, a mentor, a protector, now I look up at him as an physcological abuser, because he's been lied to by Karen, now he doesn't believe me anymore, ok, Craig, whatever, believe a liar, but not believe who tells the truth, your problem then! I don't seriously care anymore! I'm gonna live my life the way I want to, and if ya don't like that, you can go stick it Craig!

Here's a true quote:

                            Learn from yesterday

                            Live for today

                            Hope for tomorrow

Well enough said! Cheers for now!

MPearl! :)

I feel sorry for my mum!

Well, the title says so, here's an example,

my mum's back in hospital, she had 2 falls, 1 fall , she was under my care, at her home, which surprisingly this was not my fault, this was my mum's fault really, she has a habit sleeping right on the edge of her bed, and so mum had a nap, whilst waiting for the RDNS nurse to come and take her bloods before her chemo-it's procedure, so when I eard a knock at the door, I came running to the door and went into mum's room, to wake her up, then I opened the dorr, and heard a loud thump, I went into check and mum had fallen out of bed and hit her head on the side drawers, so I quickly opened the front door to let the nurse in to help my mum up off the floor and onto the bed, so we both did that, sat her on the bed whilst the RDNS takes her blood, then whilst she's doing that, I immediately get some ice and a teatowel, wrap the ice in it, and put it directly onto her left side face/head, so the RDNS nurse left with mum's blood and that was that, so I got mum off the bed and walkied her slowly to the living room, on her couch, and applied the ice pack, stayed with her for an hour, then rang my (brat) sister at work, told her what happened, then I waited for my sister to come after work, that was 5:30pm, then left to go home to cook my dinner and left Karen in mum's care, now that night was the 22nd Nov, and it was Adriana's 17th bthday, and Karen was supposed to go out for dinner to celebrate, anyways, Karen left mum for 1hour, and in the space of 1 hour, mum had another fall, she got up from her couch to answer the phone in the kitchen, she tripped over the kitchen chair, and fell on her hands, and backside, lucky she didn't fall on her head, then the care alert button was pressed, not by mum, but the fall did that-on the floor, Karen got a ring tone, and checked her phone, immediately Karen knew it was her care alert button had been pressed, so she flew from her home in a car(not hers), to mum's place, and looked into the kitchen window, realised that the chair was turned on it's side, and when she got into the room, there's mum sitting upstraight in her chair, looking dreary-eyed, confused and slurrying her words, Karen then checked her temperature, and it was 34 degrees, immediately called for the ambo's, and the ambo's took her blood sugar level, it was 3.4, it's low, so they gave her glucose sugar in a tube-2 infact to boost her level's, she didn't like that, so she went into emergency and stayed there until 4pm the next day, got there at 10pm(22nd nov), and stayed in the resussitation unit, so she can be monitored by staff every second, her blood pressure was low, her heart rate was very low, her blood sugar level was low, she became disorientated and confused, and we all seem to think that her chemo medication is the cause, so Karen immediately rang me, so I caught a taxi into emergency and stayed until 3:45am on the 23rd Nov, caught a taxi home, went dutch with Karen, then slept until 12pm, went back into hospital to see mum, and there her blood pressure had risen to normal range, her heart rate back to normal, her blood sugar levels back to normal, then she went into the ward, and there she stayed until today, so now she's missed one dose of her chemo, now next Tuseday, her doctor will determine whether it's the Velcade drug isn't right for her or not, so she may be on another lot and not have Velcade.

my thoughts:

I honestly hope that of all the chemo mum has had, I hope this Velcade wasn't a waste of mum's time, I hope it has helped in some way, even though it's given mum a lashing of side effects, but when she has another CAT scan, hoping that this Velcade has done something to contribute killing the cancer cells, cos if it hasn't, then it would've been a waste of mum's time, lashing her about with side effects that mum doesn't want, and watching mum go thru this, is heartbreaking!

Thanks for reading!

Cheers! :)