Friday, September 07, 2012


Congratulations to MidnightPearl – one of the Oz contingent so over-represented within the Sims world (seriously, what is it about Australia and Sims 3? Is it the novelty of a world where none of the animals are poisonous, psychotic, or poisonous and psychotic?) and one of the genuinely nicest and most enthusiastic Simmers of the whole community – who has been battling illness after illness over the last few years (including a hole in the heart and cancer) but still kept up her Simming to all throughout her battles.

and thankyou for all your kind words, I very much appreciate it! Yes I have been on a fast moving rollercoaster ride, and FINALLY was able to get off it and start living again with my life! Seriously I don't know how I did this, I've got a wonderful support network with my family and friends and a wonderful network with my virtual friends all over the world, and with just 1 simmer that I speak to 2-3 times per week via emails, I'm very grateful to have a beautiful friendship with her, it's not just all about simming, it's all about everything else too!

hugs to TheMaresNest and hugs to my virtual friend whom, she knows who she is! I'm very grateful! thankyou! :)


MidnightPearl :):):)