Wednesday, February 06, 2013

More games to come this year!!!

Yes and the title says it ALL!!! finally GTA5 has a release date, it's the 17th September 2013, crap, I wanted this game in March 2013, this is NOT fair indeed! LOL! :) oh, well, looking forward to University Life EP in March and coming up in June is Island Paradise EP, now this I'm most looking forward to-can't wait!!!

Well, my health, is somewhat ok, my heart's giving me crap, some palpitaions here and there, I thought the stent in my heart would stop that, but hasn't, So I knew I had another problem to deal with, what's new in this world, and my mum still has stage 3 Multiple Myeloma cancer-diagnosed this in October last year and still miserable, she won't think positive, she's too negative all the time, and cries, so I'm there most of the time to keep her company but I can only do so much before I need to rest for my health too.

I haven't played much of The Sims 3 but have been playing lots of TS2(the Sims 2) on my laptop whilst at mum's place and I take my hat off to the wonderous creators out there for Custom Content, wow, now I know what you all must go thru to recolour and create beautiful patterns on objects, I tried with all my mighty and got a migrain just trying to read the tutorials on GIMP and SimPE!!

Google is such a wonderful thing, reading on tutorials for Sims 2, I just wanted to know how to recolour an object and it's so hard for a begiiner like myself, I had to reread the tutorials over and over again, to understand on how to do this, it beats me on how to do this, maybe later on when I can focus more.

See you all soon!