Welcome to MidnightPearl's Blog and studio!, it's an inspiration to tell others that I've survived cancer, as well as playing my fave game-The Sims 3, so this blog of mine is all about that and just to enjoy coming here and expressing one's opinions, can't really do this on the sims3.com site, so I'll let loose on here

This blog is to do with me and The Sims 3, if you don't wish to join, no hard feelings!
There is NO custom content for your sims 3 game, if you're looking for CC, then go somewhere like modthesimsinfo.com or thesimsresource.com, this blog is merely just a blog about me and my recovery from cancer, and everyday thoughts, it's like keeping a diary, except it's a virtual one!

thanks for joining and reading.

Word of warning!!!- Enter at your own Risk!!! (there may be some swearing in my blog)!!! Thankyou!!

Cheers! MidnightPearl!

xo :)