Tuesday, October 16, 2012

update on my mum's condition....

well, it's now October 16th 2012 and it's now been 2 and abit weeks since my mum was diagnosed with Myeloma(bone cancer), and she's still in hospital, and hasn't started her chemo yet, cos she caught an infection in her kidney's so the docs put her on antiobiotics, then today, ordered another lot of antiobiotics then start chemo after that, so we're looking at next week, she'll be in hospital and after 9 days of treatment, she can go home and start her chemo, but in the mean time the docs have ordered she's start getting out of bed and walking now, and sitting out of her bed to eat her meals instead of in bed, she still has a fracture in her lower back, that won't heal anytime soon, it takes 6-8wks to heal, but we(family0 on saturday (13th Oct) rallied together about mum's health, and we'll rally agin together on who does what, and when, and ask for professional help, so we(us) family members can have a break too, cos I can't do ALL that it is required cos then I go back into hospital for stress and burnt out energy. We'll have to talk about this very soon! In the mean time, I'm coming into hospital every 2nd day and seeing mum, talking to the docs and nurses and ring her on the phone on the days I don't physically see her.

It's just heart-breaking seeing my mum in hospital like this, and when I leave to go home, I feel guilty leaving her there, which I shouldn't cos she's in safe hands!

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you'll posted about my mum's condition soon! :)

Cheers! MidnightPearl!!!