Monday, June 04, 2012

June is Here already!!

Time goes quick when you're having so much fun playing The Sims 3 and other games I've missed due to hospital visits for 6wks of your life, anyways, that's all done and dusted, now it's the waiting game, waiting to see if this radiation therapy has worked for me!, given it's now June, my next appointment with the Doctor is days away, it's kind of like ''how are you doing?'' appointment, then another 2 month break from the hospital, then go back in August-yep, August is the month to determine if it's a make or break month for me, multiple tests and my sister-in-law gives birth to her 3rd child, all in one month-August is going to be very busy for me!!!

I've set up a PS3 account, and hopefully I bump into Valzgr8 along the way, can't wait!! See and speak to you soon Valzgr8!!

It's now Winter here in Adelaide, SA and I'm not liking it at all-so I've got layers of clothing and I'm still cold!! what the??? It's gonna take me like forever to put the weight back on, I'm so skinny-due to that darn tumor!!!!!

well, anyways thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, until next time!

Cheers MidnightPearl! :)