Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things are starting to happen!

Yes, as the title says, my throat feels like it's on fire, yes it's the Radiation kicking in my throat and oesophagus, so I have to change my diet again and eat more high calorie foods and drink alot of milk to help food go down and help coat the throat with milk drinks and yoghurt smoothies, which I don't really mind much, I just wish I could eat tomatoes, but they're too acidic. I'm gonna try and NOT become tired and let this fatigue feeling and burning of my throat-get too me.

I will continue to play Sims 3 offline until I'm over this radiation therapy in May 2012. so they'll be tons of uploads until I'm absolutely ready and over this crap of Radiation Therapy-just as long as this doesn't ruin my life and that I have NO more problems after this finishes-until then..........

Cheers for now, and of course, you'll all see me again, on here and the Sims 3 site!

MidnightPearl xo :)