Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The days are getting quicker!!

Well, as the title says, it seems like the days ARE getting quicker, cos my Radiation Therapy is NOW 5 days away, and I'm not looking forward to it. And everyday this week, I'm super busy, I've double booked myself to get things done, like tomorrow(thursday-Aussie time), I'm busy helping my mum do her shopping, then I have to rush home and do washing and the rest of the housework, then see a friend and her 4 kids after 5pm-(triple booked) until 9pm. Then Friday the 30th March(aussie time), 2pm, have hospital appointment, talk with doctors before this radiation therapy starts(I have alot of questions), from 2pm-3pm, get dropped home by hospital drining service(have already been arranged), then do more washing at home, then have dinner, then go to a friend's place with her 4 kids until 10pm, then go home to sleep. Saturday 31st March, go to Comic-con-9am-6pm, get home-dinner, then sleep. Sunday 1st April, morning and most of the day until 4pm, get organised for hospital vstuff-radiation therapy stuff and possibly over night bag full of clothes etc, medications etc, then after 5pm-goto friends place with her 4 kids until 9pm, then bed-HOLY CRAP!!!!!! my life in the next 4 days is SO busy!!! yep....right! and my time to play sims 3 games are from now until sunday night before sleep! yeah, goodluck to me!!! I will post on the Sims 3 forums on sunday night(aussie Time), that I'll be having this radiation therapy. I do wanna play my sims 3 game to keep me occupied, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be super tired too. Anyways, I'll let you know soon.!

Cheers! Thanx for reading!

MidnightPearl! :) xo