Wednesday, March 14, 2012

speculations and hyper games from EA!

I honestly think that EA purposely wanted someone to stumble across this so they can work on a seasons ep, cos this is what the majority of simmers want is magic(supernatural), this may be the ep after seasons, so ep 8, and you never know that EA's sneaky plan is to get all of us simmers hyped up over something that may not happen next, and EA loves speculations and getting hyped up over things, but no-one's ever considered a thought on the next stuff pack?!
Or it may be something entirely different-who knows-we'll have to wait and see then!
I'm not playing EA's game of speculating or getting myself hyped up anymore, this is what EA wants you to do, and I'm not joining in this time, cos when Pets came out, my high hopes got crushed-never again!
Goodluck to all of you who wants to play EA's game of high hopes and specualtions! There's no need to get hyped up, on what if's etc, cos this is what EA wants you do, their laughing right now at you(hehe), assuming you all know that magic is next, but really it's a big joke on all of us, that it may be something entirely different. It's like a facepalm on us, not them!