Friday, November 16, 2012

Seasons is beautiful!

Seasons Ep is so beautiful, everything I have ever wanted in this game is in this Ep, I've never gone trick or treating at all in Real Life and now my simmies and I can experience this, and I've never seen snow in RL, so this is as close as to real snow, in my game, I haven't even scratched the surface yet with Seasons Ep, oh, I'm so loving it so much!!! Thanks EA!! :) It is however, slightly buggy, but not all games are perfect anyways, there are tons of games with glitches, games can't be perfect all the time, gotta have some laughs here and there! Now we need University and a proper vacations Ep and my wish is complete.

Happy Simming to all!

Cheers! MidnightPearl xoxo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Realism 2

the beauty of sims, we can escape the harsh reality and quite frankly I really don't want the sims to become too realistic, my sims games is an escape to realism, after I have a horrible day in Real Life, playing my sims games have eased my horrible day and turns it around to a pleasent one, that's why I love the Sims 3 game! :)

This abuse has NOW got to stop!!

in another bullying, bitchness fight against me, 5 days ago (8th Nov), I was supposedly to have stolen mums WILL and taken it down to Michael's Mum and Dad, now Michael is my flatmate, helping with me to pay the rent, cos the rent here in Australia, is very high), so I apparently supposedly taken Mum's WILL, to show Michael's Mum and Dad and Michael, well, you work this out, Michael's mum and Dad were at Moonta in South Australia, and it takes 8 hours to get there by car, and I supposedly would've taken Mum's will in the space of an hour before Karen comes over to see mum at 4pm, so if I took the WILL, then I would've still been travelling to Moonta to show this WILL, when in fact I didn't, the WILL, it was sitting on the kitchen bench between the phone and the kettle the entire time, so Karen twisted the situation so far up her arss, made it look like that I had stolen it, rang my brothers,then  I got a sms text of hatred back from them, and yet, if Karen open her fuckin eyes in the first place, and found the WILL in front of her, then I wouldn't've got the blame??, and then Karen found it where I left it, but, never got an apology back, then she (karen ) discussed with themselves that I can't be trusted staying at mum's place, so therefore my brother Wayne who works in the door industry, said, we'll just change mum's locks now, so Wendy can't come in as she pleases to help mum out, so that's what they did, so now I can't get into mum's place in an emergency purposes, so now, when I go over there to see my mum, I have to knock on the door and wait for mum to answer it, where the fuck does she get these idea's that I start these fights and arguments when she twists these scenario's so far-it's just beyond belief, now I've been labelled as Mentally incapable to look after my mum, and I abandoned mum, because I had gastro last weekend, thinking of other people, I left mum's place to attend my sickness, and yet I'm classified as a hopeless bitch that abandon's sick and helpless people-I mean, what the fuck????, so am I supposed to attend to mum's illness whilst vomiting and diaaroehing too??? so am I supposed to stay there and share my gastro back to mum???? gee whiz Karen, Karma is so far up your arss right now,and I hope it's a big fat one!

I looked at my supposedly fat arss in the mirror just today, where in the hell, my arsse is fat?, um, Karen you need your eyes tested seriously! LOL!

I have been psychological, emotionally and verbally abused since I was 14 yrs old, and it's still going, I'm now 38yrs old, there was a time in my teenagehood, that my brother wayne,mark and craig, physically abused me, that's when I involved the police, and mum pleaded for me to drop the charges, but on 1 condition, that I never get hit for any reason again, for anything, and my 3 brothers got a fair warning from the police not to hurt me in any way, so I dropped the charges, and to this day, I speak of now, they haven't even tried to hurt me physically, but they've just bullied me verbally and the verbal abuse has not stopped, but this time now I'm an adult and there are reprocussions of being an adult, if I fear that this will esculate into something else, then I won't hestitate to go to the police and have a restraining order for my 3 brothers and karen, they've all got too much to lose if they tread over the line with me, I'm waiting for this to happen, though I can still talk to the police about it anyways, on what I can do to stop this verbal abuse, it's stressing me out and mum of course, but she's too weak at the moment.
I've got the LOVE and MEMORIES, what does Karen have?? the jealousy that mum loves another Daughter, that's why Karen is the way she is towards me, and she's too proud and perfect to admit it-we'll let you live the perfect world Karen, cos ya think you're perfect, think again! only robots have no heart and no love for anyone, and no memories and no feelings and they live in a perfect world, well Karen you've just classified yourself as a robot

I play sims 3 to escape the abuse, Sims 3 makes me happy so much, that I wish I can just click my fingers and join my simmies household, there's no abuse there!

Seriously, all I can say is this, the more Karen.Mark,Wayne and Craig treat me this way, the more they are hurting just 2 people in their lives:
Mum and themselves! Not me! and ya know what?, I really don't care anymore, being blamed for things that doesn't involve me, and yet it's still gonna be my fault if SHIT HATH HIT THE FAN!!!, no matter what happens I still love my mum and she loves me and I love what i do during the day/night 7 days per week, no-one would dare take that from me, because:

I am a survivor, I pick myself up and walk again after been beaten down with verbal abuse, the more I get verbally abused, the more I become stronger in myself, to fight back! my motto is:

                        Bring it on Bitch!!!!

LOL! :)


MidnightPearl! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm happy and content!!

it doesn't matter what age we all are, just as long as we're happy and content, that's all it matters in this society, people who dwell on stress get nowhere in life, people who are happy and content move on in life and I have moved on and will continue to play my games as long as I shall live!!! xo :)