Saturday, April 14, 2012

Radiation and Me

Well, as most of you know I started my Radiation Therapy on the 2nd April, and on the very first day, my taste buds went from mormal to barbie doll plastic or cardboard, and I tried very hard to tell the doctors that, I'm having my first symptom-they didn't believe me, so now I write EVERYTHING down in my jotter notebook, and I'm still not believed by docs, so this week, starting 16th April, will be my third week, and am already having symptoms in my first and second week, I've already been back in hospital just 2 days ago, and still baffled is to why I'm feeling cold all over, and now the RDNS service, nurse-a complete stranger tells me why I'm cold all over, is becasue of the blood thinning tablet-warfarin and the clexane needle working to together to thin my blood, so no more blood clots to form, and the doctors at the hospital looks at me stupid, and a complete stranger-who I've never met in my entire life tells me what I'm going thru-she's an angel-thankyou, we both hugged emensly, now i can sleep at night!

I haven't played my sims 3 game in over a week now, I've been focusing on my health more than anything, I really do miss it...but.... my health comes first!

Talk to you soon!

Cheers! MPearl! :) xo