Friday, September 21, 2012

Do we have a curse in our family????

Ya know when it pours it rains, and when it rains', it pours, it's never a dull moment in my family at the moment with health issues. I just gotten over a major part of my life-cancer, and now my mum has high calcium in her bones, if the emergency staff at the hospital doesn't lower her calcium by Monday next week, there's a slight chance that one of her kidney's may fail or she may have blood cancer, either way, it's not good news at the moment, so I'm at the hospital for my mum as long as possible before I break down with stress, I'm supposed to be recovering, and it ain't gonna happen this weekend. Is there such a curse of so much bad health on our family?, I mean, Bradley, my nephew became ill just as he was only 2wks old, spent 2months in hospital, then I got diagnosed with cancer last November, my 16yr old neice has laryngitis, now my mum's in hospital for a serious blood disorder, what have we done to deserve such a curse? honestly, it's just never ending in our family!