Saturday, October 27, 2012

My mum's on her way to recovery!! and I get treated like trash!

A fair warning, please read AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I'm just venting my anger at this present moment! all my other posts won't have this rant!

Thankyou for understanding!

My mum's been in hospital now for 3 wks, and finally she's home from her ordeal, so I have been back and forth seeing mum at the hospital and spent countless hours attending to her needs at her home, and yet I still get treated like trash by my sister Karen and now I got treated like trash by my older brother Wayne, so both of them can Fuck off now, cos when was the last time they showered and dressed and helped mum with toilet duties?????-SQUAT!!! they can back off and allow me to help mum get back to be independant and over her cancer, the more negativity around her, the less likely mum won't get better, so if my sister can grow a fucking brain and learn to shutup and allow me to help mum, then things will run smoothly as planned. But the more she nitpicks at me like a bug that eats flesh, then mum stresses more therefore karen and myself fumes up into a physical fight like 2 wks ago in hospital it happened infront of the physiotherapist and mum of course. If this is what Karen wants, this will end up looking very bad, therefore I'll still get treated like trash again-oh, well what's F'n new!!!! What about my life???/ oh, yeah, who cares a fuckin'hoot about my life-according to Karen, it's ok to have a life for them, but what about me, no, we'll dump mum onto(wendy) and we'll have our own lives to live, so therefore I(wendy) stresses out more, lose weight because of STRESS, and the moment I become sick and can't look after mum, I get treated like trash AGAIN, saying I'm incabable of looking after mum, it's ok for all you to have a life, but what about me???? in her words(karen's), WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR LIFE WENDY, IT'S ALL ABOUT MUM!!!- well ya know what Karen, you're dead to me, so stop coming back to haunt me then! Bitch!! So i said today(27th Oct 2012) talking about husbands who do SQUAT, and she's married to a pig who can't be bothered to make a cup of tea for her, he's never cleaned or cooked,(sucked in bitch), and I turned around and said, I'm so glad my partner is house-trained, he knows how to cook and clean and look after me when I'm sick, what does your husband do???oh, yeah, SQUAT! and then she says, oh, he has a full time job, and I said SO??? my partner has a full time job and still does his own clothes washing and housework and food shopping, so what's to say your husband's excuse???-SQUAT and PATHETIC! I'm so so glad I'm having a two day break from mum's place this weekend, but next weekend, my other brother Craig is staying over mum's place to help his share and I'll have that weekend off again-yay! but come down to mum's to see them and mum, but not Karen or anyone else for that matter.

And another thing, how is it my fault for my mum's condition, Karen(bitch) sister blames me for mum's condition????? mum had osteoperosis for at least 5yrs now and fell over on her cox back bone last year and now has a enlarged aorta(which is being closely kept an eye on), and she had a heart attack in 2010 2weeks after my heart surgery, and she also tripped over and fell on her head and back this year(under Karen's care of course) and yet I still get blamed for her condition, her Myeloma bone cancer, how is it my fault for mum's condition, my sister needs to grow a fu'kin brain and learn how to use it, cos how does she get that it's my fault when it's not-she(karen) is loopy!!

Anything I do is never good enough, my mum appreciates what I done for her in the past 3 wks and has said thankyou numerous times, but I haven't heard a thankyou from anyone else yet, that is very rude and disrespectful, I'm there for mum and yet still get treated like trash, ok, that's fine by me, less money spent on them, more money spent on mum and myself, that's ok, but the moment if and when I win big in xlotto, they'll suck up my arss and become best friends with me-when this happens, they can go suck themsleves! I just feel sorry for my poor mum, she's in the middle of all this, between me, Karen and NOW Wayne, (rolling one's eyes)-whatever!!!