Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's over!!!!

It's finally over!!!!!! my radiation therapy treatment is finally finished and now it's time for me to rest and relax and do things that please me, like play my Sims 3 game all day, not everyday, but I don't have to wait for transport to pick me up at certain times anymore, I don't have to wait in the waiting room for my turn, I don't have wear that stupid hospital gown(which made me came out in a rash on my very last day!!!!!!) arrrgggrrhh!, I can finally live again, I hope this treatment has worked, and I met so many wonderful people at the hospital, so sad I can't say goodbye to them, cos I just don't want to go back there anymore! I don't wanna see that place again! It was heartbreaking to see so many people worse than me, and I was just having precautionary treatment, not what others were having! I don't wanna see that again!

It's time to Live!!! Time to do the things I wanna do, and even though I'm supposed to rest for 3 months before I go back to have another CT Scan in August, I'm gonna become a volunteer somewhere that isn't a hospital or nursing home-well I just spent the last 7 weeks in and out of hospital for treatment, so I'm gonna volunteer somewhere else this time, so I can become busy and multitask, and spend more time with my mum too.

other idea's, I could spend the entire weekend asleep, but that's just a waste of time-really, or I could speak to alot of simmers on playstation 3 console-via ethernet, or go out and buy Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360-umm...yeah, that's more interesting than all the other idea's! Lol!

I've done many uploads during my treatment and after too, so I'll update them on here soon!

Thanks for reading!! Cheers for now!!

MidnightPearl! :) xo