Sunday, November 04, 2012

On the lighter side of Life......

Seasons Ep is only 10 days away!! just 10(australian time that is!!!!)

OMG!!!!!!! Looking forward to it, sooooo excited, yayhoohoo!!!! Can't wait!!!

If only I can contain my excitement for a few more days, I'll be fine then!

I downloaded the latest patch from EA, which has the new diving board and a few other new patterns in the game added, as well as the ability to swim in any ocean now, so I tried this and I'm the only sim goes into the ocean, I suppose it's just a small taste that EA likes to give us to tease us more for wanting this Expansion pack even more, typical EA, kudo's to you!
The new attraction system is a bit scary indeed, A married female fairy sim got a compliment from a total stranger she just met, (I'd like to get to know you better), something like this quote, woah, that's scary stuff and way too direct I think!.

And the Blueprint mode is something extra, sometimes I don't even feel like building and this tool is so ideal to just plonk a house that you didn't build is just marvelous and brilliant thinking for lazy builders!!

The diving board should've been introduced from base game, not 3yrs later in Seasons Ep, seriously we had to wait for this 3yrs later for this??? sheesh!

MPearl! :)

When is the Bullying gonna Stop!!! Seriously!!

A Fair warning-Read at your own Risk again!

And the title says above, seriously, my brat sister is a witch from hell, and she's been lying to get kudo and brownie points, well done to her-bravo-clapping right now!!! NOT!!!, now, here's a story I'm about to tell:

My mum who has mulitple myloma(cancer of the bones), has been unwell for 1 month, and whilst seeing her in hospital to cheer her up, we talked about her electric bill and how she's worried that it may be too high, then she asked how much was mine, and since I told her mine's slightly over the limit because the electricity has risen, and I told her everything's fine, we'll(me and flatmate Michael) will manage, she asked are you sure?, yes, mum, we're fine, that's all that was discussed, nothing further. Now this conversation is true fact-2wks ago, she was still in hospital then, and now she's out and back home, this is the other conversation behind my back from my mum to my sister Karen:

Wendy's in trouble, and she needs money to pay for her electrical bill, so she came to ask me for the money in hospital, karen, I can't afford to give her that, Michael should be helping Wendy.

Where the fuck did in my conversation have I asked mum to pay for my bills? and now Craig(my 3rd brother) has now got involved in my fighting with Karen and has told me off for asking mum for money to pay my bill-WHAT THE????? now either Karen has twisted mum's words to make it sound like that I was asking for the money, or Karen is REALLY A BITCH!!! she wants me to argue with other family members so that she rubs her hands in delight and sits back and watches me suffer losing family members one by one, well BITCH! that ain't gonna happen, cos I'll just walk away and leave mum on your doorstep now, you deal with mum, not my problem, well, that means Karen you have to quit work to take care of mum full time-oh, boohoo!

I do believe in KARMA, and this time it's gonna be big in Karen's face! Looking forward to it!

Well if any of my family members want to be bitches-BRING IT ON! I'm not afraid of you anymore, you've been mean and bullies all my child/teenagehood, and now adulthood, so I'm getting stronger everyday to fight bullies like you-BITCHES!-BRING IT ON! Just remember there's repracussions of being an adult, just one hit to the face or body and brusies or fractures happen, I won't hesitate to have you charged for assult and will not drop the charges-think about it! Dickheads! Looking forward to having police involved! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!