Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm back!!!!

Hello, everyone,

I haven't posted in a loooooong time, cos I have a new blogger, this one is for venting and talking and whatnots and the new one is all about my creations for the sims 3, even though I haven't finished the new one, due to my health and looking after my mum's health, AND still fighting against BULLIES(aka, my sister Karen)-she's still giving me grief!, I'm just poddling along as usual.

Exciting News!!! Yes, The Sims 4 has been announced, oh, of course, you already knew that one, Lol! I was there when EA announced it too, anyways, besides the point, I'm very curious is to what this new sims game is gonna look like and act, hope it's better with animation than Sims3, with animated HAIR, would be awesome, and more characterisation to the sims, we need, and the graphics needs to shine more, and the sims needs to look less like clay people and more somewhat realistic, but not too relaistic, I've seen most of the new games coming next year, and most of the characters are too realistic, but awesome all the same, it'll be very weird to play a realistic sim, with customised character detail like wrinkles and sweat and, oh, ya know what I mean! LOl!

Anyways, alot has happened, ya know my mum has Multiple Myeloma(bone cancer) and there is NO CURE for this, which is very sad, so she's gonna pass away, I don't know when, or how aggressive her cancer will get, but I'm spending the time with mum as much as possible, she is my BFF, and it's gonna be hard on me, because we share a birthday together, and since with all the fighting with my twisted sister and her merry men(brothers) turning against me months ago(which I seriously couldn't give a flying FUCK), cos they don't give a flying FUCK about me, whem mum goes to heaven, then my birthday is shit, I will not recieve a birthday card or a birthday wish from the merry men(brothers) or from my twisted sister(Karen)-and do I really CARE? NO, after theyve all treated me like shit, unfortunately after mum goes to heaven, the rest of the family can go to hell, I won't be seeing them again, not because they're family, they're not classified as family to me, after being accused of theft twice and being accused of starting fights and arguments with Karen, and accused of attacking Karen, when I didn't attack her, then accused of stealing traveller cheques from my brother Craig, which happened 25yrs ago, and he was heavilly into drugs at that time, so this is a question to Craig(if ya ever going to read this-goodluck) ''why the fuck would I steal your traveller's cheques 25yrs ago, why bring this up now?, well, Craig, why don't you ask your EX-Girflfriend Sharon, she stole your son Jahden, so therefore ask where they are, and IF, and big IF, I had stolen them, why haven't I've been charged by police?, oh, that's right, COS I HAVEN"T FUCKEN STOLEN THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU FUCKHEAD!!! DUH!!! Fucken wanker!

Anyways, another venting about my twisted sister Karen, she would rather take care of her dog, Max, which he has stage 4 cancer then to look after our mother? How twisted is that? seriously? YOU ARE FUCKED IN THE HEAD KAREN!!! you can replace your dog but you can't replace your mother!!!, so instead Karen is off on a cruise to get away from all of the shit, mum's cancer, her dog Max, her sloppy children, who do nothing around the house, and her lazy hubby, same as kids, do nothing, then she starts on me, that I'm not staying over mum's looking after her, do I really need to stay with mum 24hours per day, everyday?, when do I have some time for myself?.....mmmmmh.., let me think about that!, if it's ok to have some nights away from mum and have a social life and go on a cruise, then it's ok for me to have a break too, WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GANDER IS GOOD FOR ME TOO!

Anyways, here's my newest blog:

I still alot of work done, but here you'll see my creations for Sims 3, and maybe possibly Sims 4(that's IF I ever buy it), Sims 4 has to WOW me first, so when EA announced that we'll see more of Sims 4 on August 20th, then I'll make up my mind to go and pre-order it, cos I've still got alot of gaming to do with Sims 3.

And I'm teaching one of my friends Leanne, on how to play the sims 2 game, she's pre-ordered Sims 4 already and has all the sims 3 games on layby, so I've got alot of teaching to do, as well as teaching her about the forums on Sims 3, sadly there is NO fourms for Sims 2, that site was shut down last year, and Leanne needs to learn to play it herself in order to learn without me, cos no-one taught me how to play sims 2, when I first started, so now I know how to play, hopefully Leanne will too! :)

Well, I'm suffering from an erupt cyst in my left ovary at the moment, so I'm resting until the pain eases and until I see the doc next which is on Monday, this has happened 7 times in my life! and it's annoying the shit out of me already! I'm missing out on dairy!!! I'm pissed about that!!

I'm also annoyed that the new Expansion Pack Island Paradise is so laggy and glitchy, I've never had this problem with any other worlds/EP's, until now, I wish the SimGuru's would test this world first before the game is due out to buy, I was looking forward to diving, until I found a cheat on the forums, that now we can dive in other worlds, so that's kind of ok, but still, I wanted to play Isla Paradiso, anyways, shit happens!

Anyways, time for rest and sleep, hope you'all have a great day/night/weekday/weekend etc, and possibly I'll talk to you'all soon!

Cheers! :)

MidnightPearl :) xo

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