Sunday, January 13, 2013

new year 2013 with new posts

well, hello everyone out there, Happy 2013! hopefully this year is gonna become a better year for all, including my mum, who has cancer still, and looking after her is tiring but memorable at the same time.

EA has announced University Life Ep coming in March this year, so excited, now the exchange's gonna get flooded with University dorms, I might even make my oewn now, ready for when University Life comes in March. Can't wait.

and another announcement the Island Paradise Ep is coming in June, omg!!! can't wait for building my own boats, I hope we have the option to build with glass tiles for flooring and glass walls and roofing like in TS2 and other third party sites made glass tiles and walls-we'll have to wait and see though!

More to come on this post soon.!


MidnightPearl :) xo

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